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"The Hero of Ages"
By Brandon Sanderson

An epic conclusion to one of the best                                  trilogies I've read in a long time

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My wife has improved enough for me to start writing again.
Rewarding myself with both a "Woo" and a "Hoo."

​Now all I've got to do is find the right agent.

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Review - Exordium of Tears

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The IX Series       

​Exordium of Tears: 

Fight or die.

A brutal tenet by which the refugees from Earth – including the lost 9th Legion of Rome; the 5th Company, 2nd Mounted Rifles; and the Special Forces anti-terrorist team – were forced to endure while the Horde menace existed.

Now that threat is over, the survivors long to settle down and reclaim the lives stolen from them. However, such aspirations remain beyond their reach, for shadows loom on the horizon that not only threatens the future of Arden, but the universe too, revealing once again that…

Death is only the beginning of the adventure.

Amazing Stories.
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