What's Happening?

Busy - busy - busy.
Hot on the heels of editing for Pirates in Hell and the excerpt to be included within that anthology from my next "hell" novel, I then had to carry on with the actual edits for Hell Hounds itself.

(Brain ache...eye twitches...mouth tic...)

I would like to say I enjoyed yet more rugby from the 6 Nations...alas, I can't.

A somewhat bias referee spoilt the Wales/France game, and England?
Having won the 6 Nations, they did what they normally did for their last game and took an early mental bath. Hey-ho.

That's it for this week..


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Book Review - The IX

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America

The IX - Exordium of Tears

Book 2 of The IX Series
Fight or die. That simple yet brutal reality is the tenet by which the refugees from Earth were forced to live by while the Horde menace existed. Believing that the threat is over, the survivors now yearn to settle down, start families, and reclaim the lives stolen from them.
But such aspirations might remain beyond their reach, for it is discovered not all the rabid Horde had joined in the rampage across the stars. Realizing that the peril still exists, a flotilla of ships is sent out to secure, quarantine, and reclaim the outer colonies. A mammoth and hazardous undertaking. And nowhere more so than at the planet from where the outbreak was known to have originated – Exordium – for there, the ancient Horde are not only supremely evolved, but are capable of a level of lethal sophistication, the likes of which has never been witnessed before.
It is into this kiln of incendiary potential that the cream of Arden’s fighting forces is deployed. Worlds are torn asunder, suns destroyed, and star systems obliterated. Yes, tragedy is forged, in a universe spanning conflict which proves once again that…Death is only the beginning of the adventure.

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Book Review - The IX