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Prelude to Sorrow

The task force dispatched from Arden to eradicate the Horde menace failed, and for those few left alive, the tenet by which they have survived for so long resounds as never before.

Fight or Die!

Now marooned, out of time and out of place, the survivors lick their wounds and struggle to recover while the Horde gather their strength for a final strike that will change the course of history forever. The fate of the galaxy – and more – hangs in the balance.
But fate, it seems, isn’t done with the Ninth, and our heroes find themselves forced to mount a last-ditch attempt to end the threat once and for all.
Will the darkness be vanquished, or will our heroes’ efforts finally signal the beginning of the end of their adventure?

​Prelude to Sorrow - where the bitter end determines how it will begin again!

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What's Happening?

Not much happening . . .

The main highlight was my daughter, Cathy, turning 27. (As I mentioned last week, I'm getting old)

And - still gearing up for a change. Stay tuned.

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