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"Spawn of Dyscrasia"
By: S.E. Lindberg

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Hello, and welcome to my personal website...


What's Happening?

The summer season begins here in Greece as from April 24th, so for many - myself included - no more days of sweet relaxation until November. (A true bottom lip moment if ever there was one).

Thankfully, my writing schedule is ticking along nicely. Caught a new release from someone I rather enjoyed reading in the past - L.M. David - (see my FB page) and looking forward to my next releases.

Also delving into the new Pirates in Hell anthology to see what my fellow contributors have to say. Great fun so far!

Through its various features, you'll be able to stay in touch with what's going on in my world, as well as keep abreast of all the latest releases.

Please enjoy - And 'thank you' for stopping by.


Black Gate:

Book Review - Hell Bound

Pirates in Hell

Featuring - Pieces of Hate & an excerpt from Hell Hounds
Avast, ye readers! Here be Pyrates!
Feast yer eyes on the cursed treasures before you! Hoist the skull 'n' crossbones! Walk the plank with hell's sorest losers! Join the damnedest buccaneers and privateers ever to sail infernal seas. 
Here be twelve tales of piracy spun by Janet Morris, Chris Morris, Nancy Asire, Paul Freeman, Larry Atchley Jr, Rob Hinkle, Michael H. Hanson, Joe Bonadonna, Andrew P. Weston, S.E. Lindberg, and Jack William Finley.
Corsairs, freebooters and plunderers shiver their timbers and meet their fates as the devil's dupes learn why the deeper in hell you go, the colder it gets.

Pieces of Hate

​It's sink or swim in this swashbuckling adventure where Daemon Grim, Satan's Reaper, is sent on a quest to recover booty of great value to His Infernal Majesty.

But what lurks at the center of Skull Island? Is it truly treasure, or will there be fools gold aplenty in a tale that proves once and for all that, when it comes to burying something in your chest, blood money is the only currency the Reaper recognizes.

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