What's Happening?

A quiet start to 2018.

Head down and busy on the authors cuts.

Preparing for the release of Prelude to Sorrow, the concluding chapter of the IX Series.

​And quietly preparing for a major veterans reunion back in the UK later in 2018.

​Stay safe all...


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Exordium of Tears - Review

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America

My Review of:

"Atomic Blonde"
By: Universal

A straight vodka on the rocks spy film

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“Bravery is being the only one who knows you're afraid."
Franklin P. Jones

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Hell Hounds

Feared throughout the many circles of the underworld, Satan’s Reaper – and chief bounty hunter – Daemon Grim, is known as a true force to be reckoned with.
Having eliminated a major player in the uprising eating its way like a cancer through the underbelly of hell, Grim is stunned to discover he cannot afford to rest on his laurels, for the rebellion runs far deeper than was ever imagined. New players have emerged – denizens with uncanny abilities – who seem determined to support Chopin and Tesla’s revolutionary agenda.
Ever keen to test their mettle, the Sibitti – personified weapons of the ancient Babylonian plague god, Erra – also appear eager to capitalize on the growing unrest, and set about maneuvering events in order to place themselves in direct opposition to Grim’s investigation.
And if that was not cause for concern enough, there’s an insane angel on the loose, a creature as hell-bent on creating havoc as he is to return home.
How do Grim and his rabid pack of bounty hunters respond?

Baying for blood – doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Amazing Stories.
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Streets of Lima:

Hell Hounds - Review

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